Volunteering With Gilda's Club

Two people holding a volunteer plaque

Each month we welcome new, and enthusiastic volunteers for our many opportunities! 

Getting Started

Fill out our Volunteer Application and return to:

Gilda's Club Madison Attn: Volunteer Coordinator 7907 UW Health Court Middleton, WI  53562

or email to jolene@gildasclubmadison.org

Attend a Gilda’s 101 Volunteer Training session to learn the basics of our program and the benefits to being involved with Gilda’s Club Madison. Gilda's 101 sessions take place the 3rd Monday of every month from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Volunteer Groups


Do you have a group of 5 or more people that would like a one-time volunteer experience at Gilda's Club? Please contact us as far in advance as possible and we will work to identify what needs your group could fulfill. On a rolling basis, we are seeking groups of 4-6 people to purchase, prepare, serve, and clean up after our Tuesday Family Night meal.


Call Jolene Rudisill, Volunteer Coordinator, at 608-828-8880 or email jolene@gildasclubmadison.org.


Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Goal: Lectures and Workshops offer Gilda’s Club members activities for acquiring new skills, tools, information and techniques to learn how to live with cancer.

Objective: Members build community or emotional and social support by sharing a variety of activities over time and in the same place.  Exposure to a wide variety of information that is pertinent to one’s own experience enhances a sense of control and well being.

Responsibilities: Presenters work with staff in formatting their presentation and descriptions for the Gilda’s Club Calendar.  All lectures and workshops take place at the Clubhouse and cover a wide range of topics of interest to our members.  Lectures and workshops should be interactive, informative, and of general interest.

Qualifications: Recognized experts in a variety of fields with good interpersonal skills and warmth.  No individual medical or spiritual advice is given, nor is the solicitation of clients or patients allowed.  Members may not apply for this position.

Training/Supervision: Volunteers will be briefed in the Gilda’s Club philosophy and can attend volunteer supervision sessions. Some will be asked to attend a Gilda’s 101.

Evaluation: Evaluation forms are given to members, feedback is provided to the presenter.

Commitment: As schedule allows and as Gilda’s Club members request specific topics of interest.

Goal: Create a safe, warm and supportive environment for children and teens to learn about and process a cancer diagnosis in their family.

Objective: Facilitate a sense of normalcy, community and belonging for kids and teens who have a cancer connection. Assist in providing psychosocial support that reduces their fears, stenghtens their coping skills, and increases their understanding of cancer and cancer treatment.

Responsibilities: Under the direction and guidelines of the Gilda’s Club model, assist licensed mental health professionals in facilitating one of the weekly support groups--Kid Support and Teen Time. Supervise play and activities for children 4 and younger who attend Noogie Play. Assist with social activities for families or volunteer to lead a workshop for kids or teens. Collaborate and consult with Gilda’s Club staff to provide ethical best practices.

Qualifications: Prior experience working with children and teens. An understanding of and adherence to confidentiality, appropriate boundaries, and ethical guidelines working with minors. Must attend an additional youth volunteer training session and pass a background check. Active members may not apply for this position.

Training/Supervision: Must attend Gilda’s 101 Volunteer Training and an additional youth volunteer training session. An additional Kid Support or Teen Time training may be required if you wish to volunteer in the weekly support groups. Supervised by Youth Program Manager and Program Director.

Evaluation: Informal feedback; one-on-one consultation.

Commitment: Attend Gilda’s 101 Volunteer Training and additional training session(s). Commit to volunteer as schedule allows; weekly commitment if volunteering in Kid Support or Teen Time..

Goal: Provide all families an opportunity to socialize and have fun at an annual Halloween party called Noogiefest.

Objective: Create and execute a party that is open to all members and guests.

Responsibilities: Help plan, promote and carry out the greatest Halloween party in the community by soliciting in-kind donations and food, decorating the clubhouse, assisting in the kitchen or with party activities, and cleaning-up. May also assist with other parties throughout the year.

Qualifications: Caring, warm individuals that have an interest in planning and carrying out children’s parties and events. Pass background check. Members may apply for this position.

Training/Supervision: Gilda’s 101 Volunteer Training session required, and volunteer supervision sessions recommended.

Evaluation: Informal feedback; one-on-one consultation.

Commitment: Attend volunteer committee planning meetings as scheduled and attend Noogiefest if possible.

Goal: To provide a place for members to gather with other people who are going through a similar experience, and have fun.  We intend to build community and belonging for the members of Gilda’s Club.

Objective: To help plan and carry out social events at the Clubhouse, which include group night dinners, potluck dinners and other activities.

Responsibilities: Solicit, buy and pick-up food and decorations for Clubhouse dinners & social gatherings.  Plan and/or secure entertainment for potluck dinners. Also responsible for preparing the Clubhouse, assisting during the event and cleaning-up after the event.

Qualifications: Anyone interested in planning and hosting social events. Pass background check. Members may apply for this position.

Training/Supervision: Gilda’s 101 Volunteer Training and volunteer supervision sessions are recommended, but not required. Program Manager oversees Team.

Evaluation: Informal feedback; one-on-one consultation.

Commitment: Commitment to host/plan meals, social events and potluck dinners for a period of 6 months.

Social Activity Team Captain

  • Plan engaging and fun social activities and potlucks monthly with members of the social activity team.
  • Coordinate with Program Manager needs for event.
  • Plan adequate and appropriate volunteer staffing.
  • May coordinate with other Team Captains for events.

Goal: To provide meals, lunches and goodies/snacks for various club activities.

Objective: To create a warm, home-like environment by utilizing volunteers that want to help behind the scenes at Gilda’s Club.  Assist with food for Family Nights, lectures and other activities.

Responsibilities: Solicit, buy, or make snacks for Gilda’s Club members to enjoy during activities.  Make and serve meals for Family Night, or provide food for freezer for future meals.

Qualifications: Anyone with an interest in baking or helping behind the scenes. Pass background check if coming into the clubhouse. Members may apply for this position.

Training/Supervision: None, if baking at home and not coming to clubhouse. If working in clubhouse, volunteers are coordinated by Goodie Gang Team Captain, under the supervision of Program Manager.

Evaluation: Individual meetings, if in clubhouse.

Commitment: As needed or as schedule allows.

Goodie Gang Team Captain

  • Coordinates Goodie Gang volunteers. 
  • Arranges cooks, servers for meals. 
  • Arrange for healthy snacks available in clubhouse.
  • May plan some meals, or delegate as needed.  
  • Route grocery list through Program Manager in timely manner for Errand Runner.
  • Communicate with Program Manager.

Goal: To assist the staff of Gilda’s Club in running errands such as shopping for clubhouse needs.

Objective: To support the staff & program.

Responsibilities: To run errands as needed. Weekly grocery pickup. Fill out reimbursement form and turn in receipts.

Qualifications: Anyone interested in helping Gilda’s Club. Have dependable transportation. Members may apply for this position.

Training/Supervision: Attend Gilda’s 101 Volunteer Training session.

Evaluation: Informal feedback; one on one consultation.

Commitment: As schedule allows.

Goal: To support staff as they raise dollars to keep programs free.

Objective: To help Signature Fundraising Events run smoothly, assist in identifying sponsors, grow auction item income, and build event attendance.

Responsibilities: Attend or call in for each monthly committee meeting held at Gilda’s Club, Encourage event sponsorship to your network based on various sponsorship levels, Encourage event attendance to your network (social media, email, phone, in person), Assist with planning recruitment receptions and sponsor reception – Over The Edge, Solicit food and beverage donations – Backyard BBQ, Secure live auction items, silent auction items - Backyard BBQ, Red Doors Golf Outing, Pick up auction items, food/beverage donations, Assist with obtaining additional event publicity and promotion, Create additional fundraising opportunities prior to events, Assist in various ways on event day (set up/clean up, registration help, volunteer coordination, food preparation/presentation, silent auction set up/oversight/checkout)

Qualifications: Anyone with an interest or experience with events. Members may apply for this position.

Training/Supervision: Gilda’s 101 Volunteer Training session.

Evaluation: Informal feedback; one-on-one consultation.

Commitment: Flexible schedule, ability to attend monthly meetings, interest in helping Gilda's Club fundraising events succeed financially.

Goal: To create a warm, welcoming first impression to Gilda’s Club Madison.

Objective: Greet & guide Gilda’s Club members, volunteers & visitors as trained for safe, kind & prompt guidance to activities or staff.

Responsibilities: Greet all visitors. Direct and interact with members, arrange clubhouse tours, provide general information about the clubhouse and program. Check out Library books. May answer telephones, when directed or in evenings.

Qualifications: Excellent interpersonal and computer skills, organizational skills and comfort in interacting with people. Pass background check. Members may not apply for this position.

Training/Supervision: Gilda’s 101 Volunteer Training and supervised by Program Manager with Greeter Team Captain. Additional training required. Occasional volunteer meetings and listening sessions required.

Evaluation: Informal feedback; one-on-one consultation.

Commitment: As schedule allows; prefer 3 month commitment.

Greeter Team Captain

  • Schedule greeters for all times when clubhouse is open. 
  • Coordinate greeters for front desk.
  • Train greeters with job specific procedures. 
  • Keep Greeters informed of schedule needs.
  • Communicate with Program Manager specific needs, challenges, and good news.