Create your own Fundraiser!

Gilda's Club can help you host a fundraising event to benefit our programs. Click here to learn about our Third Party Event guidelines.

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Donate Your Birthday

In honor of Gilda Radner and YOU (!) we invite you to donate your birthday on Facebook to Gilda's Club!

Gilda holding a birthday cake

How do I host a Facebook Fundraiser? 

Anyone can create a Gilda’s Club fundraiser on Facebook! It’s easy and doesn’t require you to do any collection of funds or transfer them to the club. Once you set it up, it all happens automatically.


A lot of people set them up on their birthday and encourage people to give to their charity instead of purchasing a gift. We have an important birthday, coming up. June 28 is Gilda Radner’s birthday and we’d like to get as many members as possible create a fundraiser for Gilda on that day.


Here’s how you do it:

In the upper right corner of your Facebook page there’s a white triangle. If you click on it a dropdown menu appears and about halfway down there’s a tab that says “Create Fundraiser.” Click on that and a popup window appears.

In the window you’ll be given three choices. Click on the Non Profit tab and in the next window type Gilda’s Club Madison in the search bar. A tab for Gilda’s Club Madison Wisconsin, Inc. will appear below. Click on it.

In the next screen, you’ll enter your goal. This is completely up to you. Then put the end date of the fundraiser. Facebook defaults to two week, but again this is up to you. Hit the next button.

You will be able to name your fundraiser here and write a brief description explaining why. You can use the copy that is already in place, or you can write your own more personal message. Generally a personal message will have more impact.

On the final screen you can choose an image from the stock images they have in place or you can upload your own. If you have a picture of you at the Clubhouse, that would be great. If you want to upload the Gilda’s Club logo, you can do that.

Finally, hit the create button and you’re done. As people donate to your fundraiser, Facebook will send you alerts to let you know. Make sure to thank them for their contributions. Thank you in advance for participating in our first ever Gilda’s Club Facebook fundraiser. We’ll keep you posted on the progress!