Emotional Support

Support group meeting

Support groups facilitated by licensed mental health professionals are offered on a weekly basis. The groups provide an opportunity for adult participants to meet with others and share first-hand experiences. Even though many people receive support from friends and family, it can be beneficial to receive support from those going through similar experiences.


At Gilda’s Club, we offer a range of support groups to meet specific needs of our community.


Weekly Groups

Individuals diagnosed with cancer (Wellness Group)

Those caring for someone who has cancer (Family & Friends Group)

Children who have a cancer connection (Teen Time and Kid Support)


In all support groups, a regular commitment is requested, and members must first meet with a Program staff person to receive group placement. Volunteers who watch kids under 4, which we call Noogie Play, can be arranged in conjunction with support groups. Please note that even with ample notice, we may not be able to guarantee Noogie Play coverage due to the scheduling limitations of our screened, trained Noogie Play volunteers.


In addition to weekly support groups, monthly support/networking groups are monthly specialized groups which provide an opportunity for members to connect with one another about similar cancer-related issues or experiences.


Monthly Groups

 See the online or printed calendar for day and time details. Contact a program staff member to enroll in an upcoming group. Call 608-828-8880 or email program@gildasclubmadison.org.


  1. Blood Cancer

  2. Breast Cancer

  3. GI Cancer

  4. Gynecological Cancer

  5. Instant Sisters - Metastatic Breast Cancer

  6. Living With Loss (offered twice per month)

  7. Moving Forward

  8. Prostate Cancer

  9. Young Survivors